Private Sessions

By appointment only

Initial Consultation - 1hr / $50

All clients are required to undergo an Initial Consultation. You will be taken through a series of basic exercises using Mat Work and Reformer to identify postural misalignments, asymmetries, strengths, weaknesses, client goals and areas you wish to target for your specific needs or goals. We will discuss any issues you may have ie; past/current injuries or any other issues you would like to address, and from there a tailor made program will be provided for your next regular session with your goals in mind.

Regular Weekly Session - 1hr / $50

After your IC session you can begin your regular weekly sessions with your customised program. These sessions progress in time and as you strengthen and gain confidence the challenge increases to gain maximum results. Programs are changed every 6-8 weeks to keep your body and mind thriving and progressing. We aim to keep building clients' strength and flexibility to better align their body for every day life.  

Casual Sessions - 1hr / $65

If you feel like you can't commit to weekly sessions but would like to give Pilates a try or maybe your work schedule only allows you to come in once a fortnight or once a month perhaps, then this one is for you.

Bodhi Bundle - 6 x 1hr sessions / $299

If you are a regular client and can make your weekly sessions, then this is for you! $299 for 6 sessions upfront and don't have to worry about remembering payments each week.

Bodhi Bundle Package - 10 x 1hr sessions / $400

This package is for those who wish to participate in 2 sessions per week on a regular basis.
They say consistency is key and if you are really looking to feel the benefits and transform you body and mind with Pilates, this is definitely for you!  

T's& C's apply : limited to 2 x session minimum per week. 

Online Pilates Class Membership - $29.98 per month

Unlimited access to multiple online Mat Work Pilates classes with Luisa. Enjoy these sessions in the comfort of your own home at any time that suits you.

Sessions include basic to intermediate level Mat-Work with no equipment.

You can also enjoy a class using apparatus including the Exercise Ball, Pilates Circle, Theraband and Foam Roller to name a few.

Full body, low impact workouts that will leave you sweating and feeling worked in places you never thought possible.

(Classes are pre recorded)