Enjoy unlimited access to Bodhi Align Pilates videos in the comfort of your own home.

Anytime & anywhere.

Whether you have all the equipment or none at all, you can dive deep into Mat Work Pilates and all its wonderful benefits. 

There is something here for everyone whether beginner or advanced.

I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try them all. 

Find a space to put your mat down, pop your own music on in the background and have fun!

Equipment needed but not limited to:

- Theraband - FitBall - Pilates Small Ball - Magic Circle/Pilates Ring - Tennis Balls - Fitness Gliders (can be subbed with small hand towels) - Foam Roller (Can be subbed with a long towel rolled up long ways to fit under head to tail)  1-2kg Hand Weights (can be subbed with cans of food in your pantry or water bottles)

** If you have a current injury or working through pain, feel free to contact us and Luisa can guide you in which classes will be more suited to you.

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